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   Pet Pregnancy, Animal Reproduction     

Gestation, or the period of time that a bitch is pregnant, is such an exciting and nerve wracking time! We all love watching the bitch bloom and feel great during the pregnancy but worry and fret over her health and the pending litter of pups to arrive.  At Advanced Animal Care, we are here to support, advise and guide you through this endeavor from the breeding to parturition!

We will help you focus on the following checklist:

  • Diagnose pregnancy by ultrasound – Day 25 post ovulation or days 28-30 post breeding. At the time of this ultrasound we can: 
  • Assess fetal viability using Color flow doppler and heart beat evaluations using M-Mode
  • Give a fairly accurate estimate of fetal count (about 75% accuracy)
  • Assess placental health – rule out concerns about resorption and intervene early if issues are found
  • Fetal measurements for gestational aging and whelping prediction
  • If the bitch is not pregnant- assess uterine and ovarian health for evidence of an underlying fertility issues and allow for early intervention to preserve future fertility
  • Video and still images of the puppies – the most fun part!
  • Nutrition for Gestation and Lactation – there is not a more critical time in a dogs life to change their nutrition according to their metabolic needs than during pregnancy. Read more about this at: http://www.royalcanin.us/pro-breeders/professional-canine-products/about-our-professional-canine-products. This is an overlooked and very misunderstood topic! We can help you navigate many of the myths.
  • Supplement evaluation – we want to make sure you not using something that is dangerous as well as give the necessary supplements specific to your breed and your dog
  • Assess de-worming protocols and make Puppies in our whelping box in house recommendations. You can read more about these in-depth at: http://www.capcvet.org
  • Counsel on bitches in the high risk pregnancy category
  • How to avoid pitfalls like Eclampsia, Agalactia, Dystocia, Pancreatitis, gestational diabetes, hypertension, etc
  • Help prepare for whelping! Tools, environment, guidelines, learning to recognize a dystocia, etc.
  • Fetal-Maternal measurements – in the last week of the pregnancy taking a puppy count radiograph with appropriate positioning can allow measurement of the pelvic canal and assess the risk of having puppy that is too large to deliver naturally
  • Giving you all the support and advise needed to have a positive outcome!

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